How to publish your recipes?


Write four to five lines to encourages user to submit their recipes

Steps to Publish Your Articles

Step 1 : Click on Log In/Sign up button on top right.

Step 2:  If you are existing user skip to 7th step. if you are new user click on Register button.

Step 3: Fill Your username & email in registration form and click on Register button.

Step4: Open your email account to varify your email address.

Step5: Type your password then click on reset password button.

Step6: Click on login appearing on screen.

Step7: Enter your usernamd & password and click login.

Step8: Navigate to left column click on post then click on Add New.

Step9: Enter Your Title and write your recipes with proper images and step by step in detail.

To add images click on Add Media button.

Step10: Click on publish button in top right then click on Submit for review.

Your work is done Now our team will Review your article and get it posted as soon as possible.

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