Work Locally , take the first step , reconnect with nature.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 we were brought up in western societies that tend to see nature and humanity as  separate ,  how did we get to this  situation knowing that we are part of nature, made up from the same molecules as everything else on Earth , we are one interconnected Eco system , we are not better or superior than nature , other civilizations and Nations still believe in that such as the ancient and still believe in Animism ( the believe that spirit infuses objects) or Taoism ( cosmic energy or life force is everywhere) even in religions there is a spiritual bond between humans and nature , its true nature was created to serve humans and provides  them with the means to survive and prosper  but Humans should respect and serve nature in return, something happened to the western societies after the industrial revolution and the race to use and abuse nature began and it hasn’t stopped yet , , Farming, Mining and wars are a continuous abuse to nature and its getting worst , its like a race to destroy our Environment and Eco System , the good News came about twenty years ago when humans started to take the matter of Climate change and the destruction of our Eco System seriously and people started to wake up and think, it is estimated that 82% of the People believe in the need for change , over 40% have changed their ways of living , more and more People led by the young Generations have started to take action, some political, others by the way they live , eat and shop, millions of good people gave up travelling by cars or gone electric, others started to go back to nature and organic farming, millions are changing their lifestyles , the change has begun and we are part of it. Nature is hitting back and we must listen, see and think how to make it a friend again, how to be good partners , if you believe in God or Science you must take action , nature is a living thing and just like any living thing it needs to survive and protect itself , perhaps Viruses are just the beginning ,abuse nature and nature will abuse you.   so it is time to reassess our relationship with nature, in this relationship going back is not a bad thing  as a natter of fact its the only solution , there is no divorce here or even separation its an old Catholic marriage between Humans and Nature.  we believe we should start from home and let the children lead us, they know better, after all its their world not ours , then the Neighborhood , where you live is your little piece of the environment and its essential part of the Eco system , so new researches  studies  suggests going back local is the best solution , eat, shop and buy Local.                                                                                                                                                                           go back to Local is not as easy as it sounds most boroughs now have high streets and supermarkets as well as malls the three biggest killers of nature, so how to bring back local economies ?                              thanks to technology,  it is possible now to use new techs as new way of trading , people have become lazy, a walk to the local shops ( if they exist ) is not as easy as it sounds, further more , keeping shops with high rents and rates are almost impossible these days, it was easier before (still in some areas) because corner shops or local shops were run by new waves of immigrants  families so no overheads made it a little bit easier , but the landlords ( big Greedy companies now who seem to be on a mission to destroy the Environment ) are there to make as much as the system allows them and they will make sure they get the lion share of the profits , soon there will be no small or local shops or even Gardens if we don’t stop them now .                                                                                                                                                    so what is the solution?  EFAHO direct is the platform we found to be the best solution and that is why we entered into a Partnership agreement with them, Local Mobile ready to go services are the future, there will be a nearby Organic farm , there will be very talented and hard working Cooks and Chefs with high standards of food knowledge and Hygiene  who lives not far away from you , bakers, sandwich makers, sweets, Bread and all sorts of delights are available near you by people who lives Locally , a three years research shows that in most middle class and trendy areas  (sorry to use these terms but this is what it is and how it is) it is possible  for each Borough to thrive using Local talents and professionals from within the Boroughs to cover all their needs locally , Local means a better local economy , job security, personal services with common community purpose , safety and security , stable local economy means cleaner environment , mobile local services , saves money and energy , minimizes wastage and , cleaner air, less rubbish, ordering what you need when you need and knowing that you will always get the best quality and the best price as well as fast and speedy deliveries , imagine a small borough or Neighborhood with few small organic farms close by , small dairy products  farms, few bakers , variety of cuisines and delicious cooked meals cooked by your Local chefs to order, or ordering your favorite Sandwiches and snacks, yours or you children Birthday cakes and weekly sweets delivered at your door by your local confectioneries by electric Eco Friendly vehicles or by any other eco friendly means , your drinks, water, Juices , the latest eco friendly beauty products house appliances , Eco friendly clothes, shoes and many many more good and environmentally- friendly products  , organic fruits, fresh organic Vegetables comes to you daily or whenever you run out of it, this is a magical world isn’t it , imagine you don’t need to take these supermarket trips and come back with tens of plastic bags with food you might eat or might not , think of the petrol you save, the time and the money, if you do that you alone will contribute to saving about 400 liters of petrol a year , over 1000 plastic bags and 300 or more precious hours , if that is not enough the amount of money you save by buying directly from the source is about 30% of your annual budget which is about 2000 – 3000  pounds, by ordering what you need daily, you minimize the food wastage , no more expiry date fear or eaten old dead vegetables and fruits , imagine 100 households in each Borough use this service, can you calculate the effect on nature and the environment let me calculate it for you, 100.000. plastic bags, 40000 liters  of petrol , now imagine it all over the country , we aim to be everywhere, so imagine the impact this will have on the Environment , we will heal the Environment with you , take the first step to reconnect with nature by healing the Environment , look out for yuzo mobile vehicles and other partners  under the banners of EFAHO direct from 2021. you could do more , start using EFAHO services and get points, use the points to plant trees , or use it to feed children at schools. feed the children good organic food and watch them grow up to be friends of Nature, we are here to change the old ways and start a new cleaner ways of living and we are here to stay and go further. much further than any other concept because our dream is a clean environment and a  fair friendly relationship with Nature.  when it comes to nature Fair is good , greed is bad indeed .


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