Terms & Conditions


Producing making and delivering produce in eco friendly way eliminating carbon emissions

Users are members and normal users

Normal is one done

Platform providing eco friendly and we expect users to b committed to environmentally friendly approach

By joining efaho direct with the statement of intent being to eliminate carbon emissions and be environmentally friendly

We provide the highest quality standard fo food from freshness the organic aspect

We make sure our vendors will deliver the highest standard and quality at the right time

Our responsibility to ensure vendors deliver our standard of quality

All products delivered will be responsibility of vendor Efaho will get involved in the behaviour of vendors the misuse of the platform and unprofessional behaviour Threatening behaviour But if the food comes in and they take it they will see the food they can see the food on video they have the right to complain tot he vendor Any complaints after that will not be entertained Members - vip or platinum card holders 1000 members from each country will be selected With options to either $100 pa to allow them to have free deliveries all year round Collecting bonus points which will be used in their names directly or via us to distribute foods to local schools or old ppl homes or plant trees also members are welcome to establish an environmental project which will be sponsored by efaho direct Members will have twice a year the chance to get involved with decision making in their local region with efaho re environmental planning We want to build a list of pppl interested in environment Active membership The rest are normal members We r trying to enhance local economy - the members can get involved in the local enhancement of economy and environment Food supplier They can expand nationally after Vendors - t and c between v and efaho First commitment to environment Eco friendly operation Growing production cooking delivery all in eco friendly means and vehicles Eg efaho electric trucks or personal electric car converted or electric bicycle in the area or even Committed to not using any petrol only renewable energy and electric means Vendor works with efaho in partnership model based on percentages agreements between vendor and efaho direct ltd negotiated individually Efaho will provide the platform the training the electric vehicles The vendor are responsible fully for providing the highest standard fo product with specifications certifications for organic foods and eco friendly products So everything has to be under the organic law Training certs must show excellence in their field they wil also have to create a profile that will be seen by the users which must include a photo of the chef / food preparer / with a cv of their eco friendly achievements Will operate as independent business responsible for paying their wn taxes eg vat where applicable and all business rates All insurance and health and safety etc is responsibility of vendor If they have a partner who will deliver the food they have to provide all documentation to guarantee the eco friendliness of their thrid party At any given time we need to know who they are dealing with. We demand a totally professional and total courtesy to customers hygiene presentation standards uniform Vendors who want to go a notional can expand nationally using their own brand in agreement with efaho to set up a national Vendors are not allowed to disclose any sensitive info re business to outsiders and others and once they sign they cannot use the system to deal with privately Vendors cannot cut efaho out the loop for customers sourced through efaho Members will be paid in accordance with he agreement with efaho monthly or weekly - three days after the end of each week - this will be fair and encourage them to work harder or monthly at a fixed date. Not get involved in tips at this stage should be between vendor and All operations will be online card payments - Vendors must provide menus with ingredients calorie breakdowns with a good foto representation of the dish or the product and allergens and giving customer option to remove certain ingredients which they are allergic to Vendors should be available during working hours for video chats with customers and obliged to show customers their place of work and prep of food They are obliged to be responsible for making sure that they maintain the efaho standards when in contact with customers They are obliged to comply with customers requests re time and ingredients A contract will be drawn between vendor and efaho Duration: Reasons for break of contract: Vendors who use efaho vehicles contract for a minimum of three years - they have to pay for the car With responsibility of maintenance of the vehicle if they are using ours. And insurance We will take 50% if using our cars 20% if they are using their own car