Mobile Organic Farms

If you are already an Organic food farmer or thinking of having a small organic farm, perhaps you are a good enthusiastic Gardner who is thinking of selling creations of Organic plants to novice gardeners , all green fingers are welcome if you are organic and cares about the Environment and healing it, you will be able to sell your product directly and locally to consumers , allowing you to charge a more fair price for your products and charge the consumer a fairer price than supermarkets and food store who makes most of the profits , your vegetable clean and ready to eat will give you the edge over the others, being able to work from home or farm in your local approximations will bond you with your Locals and makes your community healthier and happier just like how communities should be, all your products packaged and served in our specially made organic and Eco- friendly dishes and boxes , we demands excellence and devotion to our wonderful goal of providing Organic, healthy and reasonably priced products while helping to heal the environment , all your products must be certified organic with the local Authorities , we provide the platform(and Vehicles if applicable) , you provide the best products to join us , write to us , tell us who you are and we will take it from there.