Mobile Kitchens & Chefs

Are you a talented cook, already a Chef but works for someone else?

are you a small restaurant owner who finds it difficult to sustain and stay open after the Covid-19? Do you dream about having your own food business?

It doesn’t matter if you can master one dish or one meal and you would love to share it with the others and make extra money or even make it a career, as long as its an Organic food, cooked in an eco- friendly way, healthy and perfectly done, you have a chance now to make your dream come true, if you are one of the following then all you have to do is contact as and start.

Chef with experience

Food enthusiast and cook regularly

Sandwich maker and a baker

Maker of unique and special organic sandwiches or Snacks and small ready to eat food such as Salads, Soups, homemade Crisps, Dry organic fruits and Vegetables, Vegan dishes, baby food, dogs and cats organic meals, new concepts or bringing back old great traditional food from your country, city or region.

New healthy and creative dishes from the Globe but have not been served yet because restaurants who make them are very few and far. If you are one of the above then write to us , tell us about yourself,where is your preferred local area , tell us about your food and your ambitions , we will guide you and welcome you to a brave new adventure that will change the world forever.