Welcome to EFAHO Direct

Join us and change the world, heal the environment, eat better quality food, healthier and more personalized food. Know what you eat, who makes your food, how they make it and when it was made.

All our members are fully committed to a better way of living and a cleaner environment, together we will disrupt the establishment and build a better future for the next Generations, we are committed to serve you well and to provide you with all the food products you need , from the best cooked outside your house or office meals, to your daily or weekly needs from Vegetables, Fruits, Drinks, Snacks and more. pay less for a much better quality food by buying direct from the source , fair trade, fair Business and Fair Economy means a better and healthier relationship between you and your suppliers and Chefs, personalize and organize your food, collect points and use them for Environmental Projects or plant trees in your children’s names, each order you make reduce the danger of catastrophic climate change, change your habits and heal the environment.

EFAHO Direct uses electric vehicles, eco friendly cooking methods, organic farms and organic natural food ingredients, Use your own plates and Eco-friendly boxes, or use our Biodegradable and reusable cutleries. be an active consumer who will make a change, be a member of our global society, together we are stronger and will make the difference.no more waiting for food that was cooked more than an hour before delivery, no more tasteless and out of shape food , no chemicals, additives or out of date unhealthy ingredients . EFAHO Direct means, Eat Fresh At Home Organically. Direct means from the source.

Help Heal the Environment

we are committed, we use the latest technology and the best Eco- friendly Electric mobile Vehicles and the best Eco- friendly cooking methods , your Chefs will cook your meals outside your house and serve it at your table, your clean and ready to eat fruits and Vegetables are in your fridge , your Sandwiches and snacks freshly made and delivered to you or your children, so no need for supermarket trips , no need to drive, load and unload. save money, time, and petrol consumption. we are your magic stick, you are a member and a Patron, you are not a number. We are a team. Be part of our team eliminate the middlemen and big chains who monopolize the market. Together we will make the change.

For further information about how to become member, please contact us at members@efahodirect.com