what to eat, when and why

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  In nature, everything is alive, as long as there are  active chemical elements in its composition,  life is made from chemicals elements that react with water, living active cells need Oxegen, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen in different compositions, in Chemistry terms, N2, H and O2, these three elements form different biochemical formations and the result is different shapes, flavors, and living environments.                                                      almost every living thing on earth and that includes soil, dirt, water, vegetation, rocks, seaweeds, grass, trees, cows, sheep, birds, fish, and all other animals and edibles on earth are made perfectly by nature and some say, God, nature provides for itself and its inhabitants, every living thing needs food and it is food for another preditor, Sadly mankind just happened to be at least for now is on top of the food chain, supposedly because mankind is the most intelligent, and organized, I personally doubt that and many other people do so, but for now let us believe this bad tag. being on the top of the list means mankind must know ll about what is below him I the food chain, this also means or should men that man must know everything about nature and the environment, just like all God’s Creatures, they kill to eat, they pick to eat and eat directly from the source, only scavengers eat dead ad rotten food and that is okay for them because they are made for it. mankind are connected to nature, so there must be a strong linkage between the two, a relationship similar to mother and child should be the norms but is it, the problem with man is and has always been, his ability to be manipulated nd controlled easily ,other animals follow their god given or nature given instincts but humans lost this ability , they are weak and doubtful , they need assurances and guidance ,of course this is not the true natues of humans, this is what the system has made them to be , humans are slaves to the system , brainwashed and manipulated from very young age, animals don’t have this problem unless they are captured by humans and forced to be used for domestic help or entertainments , animals know when to eat, what to eat and why , they almost have a fixed diet , humans don’t have that, humans can eat anything and their digestive system is made to digest everything, humans can eat meat, fish, vegetables, fruits , birds , dairy products and even chimacals in the form of tablets, but the truth is far from this, yes humans can eat everything but not everything suits everybody or be of benefit , after all, humans now eat as form of entertainment and fun , they don’t eat because they are hungry  or the food is good for them , they eat food because its trendy and sometimes because its expensive , stupid you may say but who are we to judge .                                                                                  People eat for the sake of eating and most of the time they don’t need to,  you have cinema food, couch food, sports food, drinks food, as a matter of fact, there are about twenty different kinds of food and snacks people eat and they have no real value or necessity.  this is the tragedy of mankind, the relationship between people and food, or People and nature became TV advertisements for food, snacks filled with salt, sugar and hundreds of chemical flavors, soft drinks made from the biggest killers of people, sugar and additives that not only harm you, it actually makes you a mentally and physically sick person, perhaps you don’t know it now because you are young and your stomach can digest everything, but wait until you reach the age of forty and watch your skin, the color of your skin, the shape of your body and the effect of gravity, aging too early always depressed and angry, its a crime that people lost their touch with nature, they think a walk in the Park with a bag of crisps and a can of coke is enjoying nature, or few hours in their small Gardens when the sun shines makes them connect with nature.                                                       People lost the sense of natural smell of fresh food and what is ripe and ready to eat and what is not, they forgot about seasonal food so they eat winter food in summertime and vise versa, canned food, frozen food, chemically flavored food, and the biggest killer, take away food , in my weekly blog I will try to help people with some sense to go back to nature or at least learn how to live naturally and eat healthily? which day of the week to eat fish and why, when to go out and eat and where?  how to eat and have fun at home?          I have 30 years experience in the food industry, I have traveled the world and the seven seas as the Eurythmics say in sweet dreams, I ate over 3 thousand different dishes from as many as 95 countries, this was my goal in life and I am glad to tell you it was a great journey, I would love to share some of it with you perhaps i could influence one or two people and if i do so, then that means my life work was worth it, for every great idea needs one or two true believers, triggering minds are needed and once the seeds of an idea is planted in few true believers minds all is needed thereafter is the will to succeed, so let us start healing ourselves and the Environment, it’s never too late, next we will learn about what to eat now from restaurants and food stores, when and why.

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