What to drink and why



And we made life from water and we made every living thing from water, this is the miracle of life

but these days there are people who drink soft drinks more than water, humans need minimum 2 liters of pure water daily, not 2 liters of liquid, no please remember liquids are not water, they might contain water but now it’s poisoned by the sugar and added chemicals especially in soft drinks and commercial juices sold in every corner, the body needs other liquids especially if one is a sports person, or have an active life, fruits and vegetables are best eaten fresh and really fresh, this means uncooked and just picked or within 24 hours after picking, you get almost 100% nutrition value, the second-best way to get the best out of fruits and vegetables is freshly squeezed juices that contains everything from the fruit or vegetable, not clear like water but muddy and thick with skin and fiber, of course, it has been cleaned very well preferably for 10 minutes under fresh cold water, the secret is cold water and if you can add Ice to the water and sock the fruits and vegetables in it for few minutes after cleaning it will give you a great result , if you don’t believe me just try it at home and eat it first, you will never go back to the way you were eating your fruits and vegetables , invest in a small juice maker and try it , but life and work sometimes make it hard for you to do such things , shopping and searching for fruits and vegetables freshly picked is like searching for a winning lottery scratch card , but a miracle is about to happen and our people will make sure that what you need is picked specialy for you and delivered when needed, or our drinks specialists will come to your house and make your faviouate juice for you, or make their specialities freshly squeezed at your doorsteps

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