fifty years ago most of our Parents were in elementary schools or secondary schools, they wrote about how life would be like in 2020, most of them said there will be flying cars, Robots everywhere and food will be cooked and served by Robots in fast food establishments, the very rich will have robots serving and cooking food, driverless cars that will talk to you, tells you the latest News, and traffic congestion, well now we are in 2020.

there are no flying cars yet, but lots of Drones which are used no to serve the People yet rather to spy on them and kill them, there are no robots serving food or autonomous cars yet but in few years we might see them, however, the most interesting suggestions of that time was about food and how we eat or how our food will be served and cooked, almost all the kids who are our Parents now thought a robot will take your order and make it badly just like in Cartoons, well thank God that has not happened yet but if we are not careful this could be our future, the COVID-19 is the first virus of new tyes of Viruses which we will see in the next few years if we are not Careful, personal Hygiene and food hygiene are the two most important and easy to control, social distancing is the hardest but people will get used to not mixing with lots of strangers, to be honest, most people do, however, your food is either the  weapon you use to fight diseases and illnesses by enhancing your immune system , or the weapon the disease and virus use to kill you by weakening your immune system , it is your right to know where your food and ingredients came from , who farmed it, where and when, what kind of fertilizers were used , is it organic or chemically and genaticaly enhanced , how about your restaurant meals and your take away orders, who cooked them and how, do you know that you have the right to see the kitchen of a restaurant you are about to eat from, you even have the right to see and talk to the cooks, after all you are paying hard earned good money for your meal and its your right to demand the healthiest and the best.

We at EFAHO direct will provide this service for you, we will serve you in the good old ways, personal services from local producers, local talented cooks, you can chat and see who is your cook, you can visit your local organic farm and get to know the family who provides your Organic Veg and fruits, our new 20’s vision of how People will eat is simple.                                                                                                            Local, personal and mobile, eco-friendly environmentally friendly products, organic, Zero wastage, Zero emissions, Zero plastic, No supermarket trips, no nasty smell, no bad food, only fresh healthy and locally produced food, help us to help you, help us heal the environment, the future is socially connected, Locally managed, individual services, personalized and organized by people, not Robots.

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