Who are we?

We are organic, we are committed to Zero Carbon Emissions and to healing the environment, we are the future, the future is mobile.

We are simple local small businesses EFAHO Direct is a fair-trade and Fair deal Business model, we give those who deserve better what they truly deserve, ZERO plastic. No, take away boxes, bags or boxes, ZERO wastage, No rubbish, ZERO carbon Emission, each time you use our platform, you make a statement of intent and an act that will help heal the environment.

EFAHO Direct is an Eco- friendly delivery System and a fair deal platform.

We do not deal with restaurants and take away chains, we connect brilliant Chefs and cooks directly with Patrons. We do not deal with supermarkets and food stores, we Connect the farmers, the Bakers, the Makers, and the people who are involved directly with a product to our costumers and members

What is wrong with the food industry and why we will disrupt it

Kareem Karet Aythim is our founder and EFAHO Direct is his brainchild, Mr. Aythim was born into a fifth Generation of food providers and farmers, for six generations his family have had Inns , hotels and restaurants , as well as Orchids and small farms, his family Business succeeded and survived for over 400 years because they always have better products and better services , their Business model was built on the foundation of use only the best ingredients and always charge a fair price for your excellent services , unfortunately this had to end when supermarkets and chain restaurants started to flourish in the mid-Eighties of the last Century , higher rents, higher rates meant only the big sharks can survive, so the small grocery shops , butcher shops , local small bakeries had to shut and disappear from our neighborhoods , farmers now sell their products to supermarket agents or middlemen at a very low prices but when their products reach the shelves they are between 5 – 10 times the price paid to the farmer, food in restaurants and cafés sold at the same profit margins , the quality dropped and the prices kept going up , Mr. Aythim who have a life time experience and dealt with this issue all his life spent the last ten years travelling the world , eating all the local products and trying all sorts of Cuisines , his conclusion was the world needs a better system, food is a human right , every person must eat well and can eat well, the farmers need to be paid fairly, the cooks , chefs and those who make our food need to be appreciated and paid fairly, and the consumers need better , cleaner and healthier food at reasonable prices, on top of that and more important is we need to keep the Environment clean and need to stop climate changes so the land stays fertile , the air stays clean and the water drinkable, there are so much food wastage and plastic wastage , there are too much chemicals in our foods and soil, and we consume so much energy in the food industries , this situation has become even more dangerous and critical with the introductions of delivery services and specially built kitchens for take away food, so many old bikes with their black smoke are rooming our streets , so much wastage of food from chain restaurants, supermarkets and other food stores, the food industry accounts for more than 80% of wastage and pollution , Mr. Aythim decided this must stop and the Idea of EFAHO Direct was born, a single platform that provide all a household needs, from cooked meals to fresh Vegetables, snacks, sandwiches, drinks and more, all delivered in Eco-friendly electric and Batteries powered Vehicles owned and operated by those who deserve to be paid better and recognized, the cooks, the organic farmers, the Bakers, and the food makers , we will create a partnership , a three way partnership , the Patrons , EFAHO Directand the suppliers, when you become a member you become a partner , we will listen to you , we will share profits with you and we will heal the environment together, join us , we will prevail and disrupt the system to build a better one.